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  1. Benzimidazole Anthelmintic Fenbendazole

    Fenbendazole is a broad spectrum benzimidazole anthelmintic used against gastrointestinal parasites including: giardia, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, the tapeworm genus Taenia (but not effective against Dipylidium caninum, a common dog tapeworm), pinworms, aelurostrongylus, paragonimiasis, strongyles, and strongyloides that can be administered to sheep, cattle, horses, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, and seals.
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  2. Mebendazole Powder

    A benzimidazole that acts by interfering with carbohydrate metabolism and inhibiting polymerization of microtubules.
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  3. Triclabendazole API

    a medication used to treat fascioliasis and paragonimiasis. It is very effective for both conditions. Treatment in hospital may be required.
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  4. Refoxanide Powder

    Rafoxanide is a salicylanilide used as an anthelmintic. It is most commonly used in ruminant animals to treat adult liver flukes of the species Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica. Formula: C19H11Cl2I2NO3 Molar mass: 626.01 g/mol ChemSpider ID: 29191 Solubility in water: In oily solutes
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  5. Closantal Sodium Powder

    Closantel is a synthetic anti parasitic agent which is highly effective against adults and larvae (6 to weeks old) of liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica), and against several important gastrointestinal roundworms (e.g. Bunostomum, Haemonchus, Oesophagostomum, Ostertagia - Teladorsagia, Strongyloides, Trichostrongylus), as well as against screwworms (maggots of Cochliomyia spp and Chrysomya spp), sheep nasal bots (Oestrus ovis), and sheep keds (Melophagus ovinus). The molecular mode of action closantel is not completely elucidated, but closantel decouples the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation, which leads to the inhibition of ATP synthesis, this seems to occur through suppression of the activity of succinate dehydrogenase and fumarate reductase, two enzymes involved in this process. Finally this all cause the death of the parasite. Recently it has been discovered that closantel also inhibits chitinase in Onchocerca volvulus, a filarial nematode causing river blindness in humans. Chitinase is an enzyme involved in larval molting. Its inhibition interrupts their development to adult worms. This drug possesses some side effects: hyper acute anaphylactic reactions in cattle; hypersensitivity reactions; overdoses can cause reduced visibility or blindness, anorexia, lack of coordination and general weakness.
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  6. Nyclosamide hcl

    Niclosamide, sold under the brand name Niclocide among others, is a medication used to treat tapeworm infestations. This includes diphyllobothriasis, hymenolepiasis, and taeniasis. It is not effective against other worms such as pinworms or roundworms. It is taken by mouth.
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  7. Albendazole Powder

    Albendazole, also known as albendazolum, is a medication used for the treatment of a variety of parasitic worm infestations. It is useful for giardiasis, trichuriasis, filariasis, neurocysticercosis, hydatid disease, pinworm disease, and ascariasis, among other diseases It is taken orally.
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